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Complexity Simplified

Your financial world is complex. We address complexity with personalized planning, operating as a fiduciary, and working for your interests. Taking in the context of your financial situation and utilizing our technical knowledge, we build the right path for you and put it into motion through a unique Financial Planning Checklist. This comprehensive document organizes your plan into categories that are easy to follow and is updated at each strategy session, so it is always current with your life changes, as well as IRS and tax law updates.

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Tax Liability Method

Tax strategy is always at the forefront of any decision we help our clients make. As tax laws change, we evaluate the impact on the client’s situation, then adjust their path accordingly. We take both long and short-term tax liabilities into consideration throughout our process; so, whether you’re accumulating wealth in retirement or planning to send your child to college, we have a method to lower your overall tax costs.

Our investment process is not one-size-fits-all but rather is driven by your custom financial plan. The buckets system we utilize segregates your money by short, medium, and long-term goals; then, we invest funds in an appropriate portfolio for that time horizon. This protects the money you need in the next year while enabling the money you’ll need in 10-15 years to grow in more volatile investments, shielding you from inflation.

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A Consistent Process

At Welch Financial Planning, we start our process with dialogue. We'll review your situation and based on the snapshot of information you provide, we will address your specific, personal financial planning questions. The goal at our initial strategy session is to provide you with a couple of actionable items that will help you get an idea of what working together looks like.

Once you hire Welch Financial Planning, two processes begin:

  • Gather your financial information
  • Consolidate your assets at Charles Schwab
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Develop Your Initial Financial Plan

Once your financial plan is in place, we typically conduct structured strategy sessions a couple of times a year and offer additional support with informal conversations as needed to keep us updated with your dynamic life. When major life changes occur, we may meet more frequently to ensure your financial path is redeveloped.