Why Us

Welch Financial Planning, LLC is an independent financial services firm that builds open, honest, life-long relationships with our clients. We develop and implement financial strategies that are unique to your life and your goals. 

In your 40s and trying to determine the best strategy to save for retirement and fund college education?

– Should you reduce debt or fund retirement?
– How can I reduce my taxes without creating required minimum distribution issues?
– How would I like to retire? How much should I be saving to get there?
– Would rental property help my financial stability?
– What is an appropriate level of life insurance to protect my family?
– How does a Roth 401(k) fit into my retirement planning?

In your 50s and would like to strategically grow your assets while minimizing risk?

– Can I afford a vacation home and still retire the way I want?
– I’m in my peak income years and need some tax strategies
– My friends are doing Roth conversions, should I?
– My company moved from stock options to RSUs. What should my strategy be?
– Should I pay off the house to save more into my retirement plan?
– Should I refinance my house to a 15 or 30 year mortgage?

Arrived at 60 and you’ve done a good job of saving, but potentially feel uncertain on how to manage your retirement withdrawals.

– Do I have enough to retire?
– When should I start social security?
– How do I convert my nest egg into a sustainable income stream?
– Should I take the company pension or the lump sum?
– Are there any alternatives to bonds to generate income?
– I have investment accounts at several companies, can you help me track them?
– The kids have moved out, do I still need life insurance?
– Should my investments be more conservative?

A customized financial plan provides a framework to help individuals, families, and small businesses achieve financial stability and success.  We do our best work developing comprehensive strategies that combine client goals, tax strategies and investments.  We are patient, caring, solid communicators with strong problem-solving skills.  Charging fees, not commissions, significantly reduces conflicts of interest and proves that clients come first.